When someone brings you a problem and you turn it around and start to blame that individual, it shows you’re unwilling to own the problem. Maybe it’s not your fault, but blaming others blocks productive problem solving. Again, concentrate on what’s to blame not who to blame — don’t make it personal. All of these […]

When I entered ‘Shoreline Amphitheatre’, and even intentionally misspelled it, MapQuest showed the right destination. Democrats supporting the maps insisted they were soundly drawn based on criteria like population and geographic contiguity within districts. They also argued the Commission hadn’t come up with a new set of maps in the appropriate time, meaning the Legislature […]

I looked at the video I took, but found Mediafire that the file was corrupted. Once again, there was no evidence that XXX ever existed. No Facebook, no Skype, and his parents insisted they didn’t have a child named XXX. His corpse was the same, found in his parent’s front lawn, faceless. I miss the […]

The filing of this call is being webcast and it will be archived on our website shortly after. Good morning, everyone, and thank you for joining our Q&A session to discuss Roblox Q4 and fiscal 2021 results. With me today is Roblox CEO David Baszucki and CFO Mike Guthrie. Before we start, I want to […]


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